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Midnight Masquerade: Columbia Students Purim All Night

By , New York City

It was hi-style partying for Columbia University students this Purim. Stretch limousines parked outside the Chabad Student Center on W. 113th street, whisked them across town to the Park East Grill restaurant for Chabad’s Midnight Masquerade: Megillahs of the Rich and Famous. The celebration lasted well into the early morning hours. An open bar, megillah readings and a special appearance by the Chasidic Hip Hop band, Ta-Shma drew some 400 students and alumni.
“The Chabad Purim party featured more than just traditional merrymaking and revelry. It showed just how deeply connected Rabbi and Rebbetzin Blum are to the campus community as students of all ages and backgrounds, from alumni to first years, showed up to commemorate the miracle of Shushan,” said Ron Gejman, a Columbia College freshman from Chicago. Rebecca, another student, said: “It was so refreshing to see so many people, of all denominations, come out and celebrate with Chabad.
"The costumes were fun, the company was great and the party was a success!”
The event was made possible through the generosity of Michael Weltz, owner of the Park East Grill and an alum of Chabad on Campus (at Binghamton University).


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