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Masks for the Elderly in Shanghai

Monday, February 3, Rabbi Shalom Greenberg from Chabad-Lubavitch of Shanghai donned his mask and made his way to the Shanghai Jewish Refugee Museum with a provision of 10,000 masks.

According to the rabbi, the supply of masks in China is now running very low. Greenberg procured this quantity from abroad, paid for by a generous sponsor, to be distributed to the elderly Chinese population in the historic Hongkou area, known during WWII as the “Jewish Ghetto.”

“We are honored to be able to help wonderful people who helped our people at a time of dire need,” Rabbi Greenberg told us.

“Last week, the world commemorated 75 years of the liberation of the death camps. At that time, tens of thousands of Jewish people found refuge in Shanghai, particularly in this exact area! This is a small expression of gratitude to the Chinese people for their friendship and support.”

Rabbi Greenberg put out a plea to the international community to join the effort and help the elderly and infirm have easy access to the supplies they need during this time.

“The masks allow the elderly the mobility they need to go about their day, ” Greenberg says. The staff of the museum and additional volunteers have pledged to go door to door to distribute the masks, so that the elderly and infirm need not put themselves at further risk by queuing up in the cold weather, especially during an epidemic of this proportion, when it would be safer to stay at home.


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