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Kehot Launches Tanya Tutor for Online Study of Chasidic Text

By , Brooklyn, NY
Kehot Publication Society, the Chabad-Lubavitch publishing house, has announced the early release of a unique study edition of first 12 chapters of Tanya, the seminal work of Chabad Chasidic philosophy, authored by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of the Chabad movement.
In honor of the 24 of Tevet, the 198th anniversary of Rabbi Schneur Zalman, Kehot posted an online version on its website,
Tanya Tutor is the result of years of work that now offers visitors a multi-layered multimedia experience. Each passage in Tanya is accompanied by an audio translation and elucidation from renowned lecturer and Tanya teacher, Rabbi Manis Friedman.
Scattered throughout the body of the text are multimedia bookmarks with source material, additional readings from the corpus of Chabad Chasidic philosophy and audio and video clips featuring insights and analyses from Rabbi Friedman and Dr. Naftali Loewenthal, Professor at the University of London and the author of Communicating the Infinite (Chicago University Press).
According Rabbi Yosef B. Friedman of Kehot, Tanya Tutor’s “revolutionary presentation of this fundamental text” is part of Kehot’s “initiative to take the publication of Chasidut into the modern age.”
Tanya Tutor is largely the work of programmer Pinchos Fershtman of S. Paul Minnesota. It is currently available as a “beta” preview of the project and is optimized only for the Internet Explorer browser.
More chapters will soon be added, as will translations of the English content into other languages, and eventually a mobile-app version for Android, iPhones and other smart phones.
Dedication opportunities are available to those who wish to underwrite the project

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