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Israel’s PazGaz Gas Company Partners With Chabad

Yavne, Israel

( Needy children in the Israeli coastal city of Yavne had much to cheer about last week thanks to an unsolicited generous donation from the PazGaz natural gas company to Chabad Computers for the Needy program.

PazGaz recently replaced a large number of office computers and wanted to donate them, according to a statement released by the company. “We found an article about Chabad’s computer donation program and a large donation they received from the Zara fashion chain’s offices. We contacted them and arranged for pickup.”

The Computers for the Needy program was launched by Chabad Director Rabbi Yitzhak Lerer a year ago to provide local students from poorer families with an educational boost. While appeals to several businesses such as Zara have landed donations, Lerer said that the PazGaz story was special.

 “It was truly incredible to have PazGaz approach us without being asked and then to make such a significant donation,” he said. “This is a needed and important project that makes a big impact on the kids and generates good will between the community and local businesses.”

Rabbi Lerer expects the computers will be ready for delivery throughout the community next week.


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