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U of Illinios student groups raise money for Ukraine by playing basketball

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — In an unusual support rally, 28 basketball teams played in an event on Sunday to support Ukraine.

Hundreds of people showed up to UIUC Hoops for Ukraine hosted by the Illini Chabad and Ukrainian Student Association. There was food, fun and 3×3 tournaments. Members of the Fighting Illini men’s basketball team were even there.

The Jewish News of Northern California
Targeted by Taliban, Afghan refugee family finds home at Chabad of Fremont — and with the Jewish community

Bashir and 15-year-old Yusuf ended up living at Chabad of Fremont through the help of the Aleph Institute, a Chabad-affiliated Jewish nonprofit that began airlifting hundreds of former U.S. employees and judges (including Bashir’s siblings) out of Afghanistan when the Taliban took back control of the country in August 2021.

The Denver Channel
Local Chabad honors Ukraine during its Passover Seder with Ukrainian matzah

To honor its brothers and sisters in Ukraine, the Chabad of NW Metro Denver’s Passover Seder will include a batch of the famous Jewish food that was actually handmade in Ukraine. They were able to get a shipment in December before Russia invaded.

The Jerusalem Post
Chabad emissaries to Ukraine making seders for new arrivals to Israel

“The shluchim in the Ukraine act as our social workers. They call and say they need help and we help,” Chabad Rabbi Traxler said.

i24 News
Poland: the Chabad movement offering aid to Ukrainian refugees

Rabbi Stambler and his wife, Dina, are welcoming Ukrainian refugees day and night for more than a month

Jewish Insider
DC’s Jewish conference scene returns with Chabad gathering

Ukraine was at the heart of this year’s Living Legacy conference, attended by high-profile guests from the White House, Foggy Bottom and Capitol Hill

Times of Israel
Chabad counselors suspend lives to save Ukrainian campers, some behind Russian lines

Young men and women from Camp Yeka quit jobs, fly to Europe to locate hundreds of children, sending money, love, and a path to safety

Jewish News Syndicate
Chabad in Kishinev looks to provide Purim cheer for Ukrainian refugees

“Our main goal isn’t to only compensate for what the refugees don’t have but to give them a good feeling and make them happy,” says Chabad emissary Shmulik Zalmanov.

The Jerusalem Post
Ukraine-Russia war: Chabad ‘shluchim’ escape Ukraine with orphaned women

Thank you Chabad and all the amazing shluchim/heroes for helping so many Jews in Ukraine and opening so many orphanages for all these lost kids.

The Washington Post
After decades of building their lives in Ukraine, Jews are once again fleeing the country

“Over 30 years we built an amazing community,” said Avraham Wolff, 52, a rabbi who moved from Israel to Odessa, Ukraine, in 1992, as an emissary of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, which is known for global outreach. “And it’s a shame that it has come to this.”

Times of Israel
Chabad couple, with seminary in tow, races from Ukraine to Israel just in time for Sabbath

During a 3-day rush to Kfar Chabad, Mendel and Rivka Borodkin, who work at a girl’s seminary in Dnipro, had to steer a group through a series of bureaucratic and other hurdles.

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