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Israel HaYom
Chabad Idaho to build major community center, including state’s first mikvah

“During the pandemic, our community has grown tremendously, and we are now able to provide more services,” Rabbi Mendel Lifshitz says.

Jewish News
Chabad opening new centre in Dublin to cater for growing Irish-Jewish community

Former Irish justice minister Alan Shutter welcomes new community hub in Rathmines as ‘positive and good development’

Times of Israel
‘People are still getting killed’: Ukraine rabbis bring refugee prayers to New York

50,000 visit grave of Chabad Rebbe on 28th anniversary of his passing, including Ukrainian Jewish leadership, conveying pleas for peace from the displaced, orphaned and besieged

The Jewish Chronicle
Chabad Islington’s fete returns with Emily Thornberry among the guests

Free rugelach and Jewish-themed entertainment enjoyed by local Jews and members of the wider community.

Times of Israel
In the US, some fading Reform and Conservative synagogues go Orthodox to stay afloat

Chabad Hasidic outreach programs reverse decline and bring growth to congregations through a host of programming designed to foster a more traditional community.

Shelton Herald
Shelton Chabad brings Jewish fest to Huntington Green

The Chabad Jewish Center of Shelton, under the direction of Rabbi Shneur Brook and his wife, Leah, will be hosting a Jewish festival that he calls the first of its kind in the city, on June 12 at Huntington Green.

The Jewish News of Northern California
‘Rising from the ashes’: San Jose Chabad secures spacious new building after fire

Six months after a fire gutted the small synagogue occupied by the Chabad of Almaden, it has a new San Jose address to call home — with more than double the space.

Jewish News Syndicate
Chabad rabbi returns to Kharkiv, despite ‘occasional missiles’

Rabbi Moshe and Miriam Moskovitz have guided the city’s Jewish community for 30 years.

Jewish Herald-Voice
Chabad’s 50-year Lone Star journey

From holding services inside a small apartment Chabad now inspires tens of thousands in Texas.

‘Loss of a home:’ Chabad FSU community determined to move forward following devastating fire

Misha Leah Bertch is a family friend of Rabbi Oirechman. She realized his family isn’t used to needing help. More often, they offer solace to others in need. “I expect him to take care of everyone else because that’s how they are. We’re trying to be here for them,” she said.

The Jewish Press
California Rabbi is First Chabad Board Member of US Holocaust Memorial

Rabbi Mendel Goldstein has become the first Chabad Lubavitch member of the Board of Trustees of the United States Holocaust Memorial.

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