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Hot Meals in Cold Snow

Shaarei Tzedek Chessed Center Increases Their Activities During Moscow's Great SnowFall

By , Moscow, Russia

In a Russian winter, snow is hardly a surprise, but even lifelong Muscovites are struggling to deal with the 20 inches currently being dumped on their city.

Rather than slowing down during this latest snowfall, in which Moscow saw over half of their monthly snowfall come down in one day, Shaarei Tzedek Chessed Center has kicked their activities into high gear. The regular distribution of food packages to the homebound and elderly, have been supplemented with blankets, portable heaters and window sealing kits. Teams of volunteers brave bitter temperatures to deliver these bundles of warm food and any other assistance needed, including medical supplies.

At the Chessed Center in the Marina Roscha neighborhood, volunteers man a hotline answering calls while the center continues to provide state-of the-art medical facilities as well as a variety of other services.

In a city where the cold winter can seem endless, Shaarei Tzedek volunteers are spreading the warmth.


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