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For motorists stuck in traffic, a sukkah mobile sweetens the delay

New York

Returning from a daylong tour in the Staten Island area, a Chabad sukkah mobile found itself stuck in traffic when all lanes of the upper level of the Brooklyn-bound side of the Verrazano Bridge were blocked Monday night.

Seeing that the five-mile jam would not be clearing up for some time, the rabbinical students got to work. They set up their mobile sukkah on the road and did their thing to the delight of impatient drivers: celebrating the festival with dance and music, while sharing cake and drinks with their fellow motorists.

And as dinnertime came and went, some got out of their cars and hopped into the sukkah for a bite of food. 

The site of the illuminated musical mobile sukkah amidst the standstill brought a smile to frustrated drivers crawling through the traffic. According to one driver, seeing the sukkah mobile made the delay worthwhile.  


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