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Florida Community Steps Up to Bring Holiday Joy

Every year before Passover, Jewish communities help each other make ends meet.

Every year before Passover, Jewish communities observe the time-honored custom to collect and distribute charity to help the needy obtain holiday provisions. Year ago, the Lubavitcher Rebbe urged communities to conduct similar campaigns for the High Holidays.

In celebration of its 40th year, Chabad of South Broward, Florida, has launched a campaign to raise $40,000 for needy families in their area. Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus, who oversees 23 Chabad centers in South Broward, said, “Maimonides taught that one does not fulfill the observance of celebrating the holidays without helping the less fortunate.” He cited the growing number of families, particularly single-parent families, undergoing financial hardships that prevent them from celebrating the holidays with dignity and joy.

The campaign is conducted with the maximum respect for the recipients, who remain anonymous except to the shliach in their area. The campaign gives the funds to the shluchim to distribute to families they identify.

The goal of the campaign is to help between 75 and 100 families, with each family receiving between $100 and $500. Before Rosh Hashanah, $11,000 was raised and distributed, and the campaign will continue through Sukkot. 


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