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FJC Kickstarts Exciting New Summer Program

By , Moscow, Russia

The FJC’s only Jewish youth movement in the Former Soviet Union, EnerJew, was launched in 2013. It has since grown to 1,800 teenagers across 25 different cities. The young members of EnerJew actively participate in the development and growth of the program. Thus: ‘SummerJew,’ a program that will bring the members of EnerJew to Jewish summer camps across the FSU.

For years, Gan Israel summer camps across the FSU recruited staff from abroad as Jewish counselors who had the qualifications were few and far between. This year, 30 members of EnerJew gathered in Moscow to work on their new project, SummerJew, which will see these same camps staffed with local EnerJew members.

Professional mentors, young rabbis and educational director Eliezer Lesovoy were all in attendance at the seminar. More than 20 camps will take part this summer which marks 25 years since the Camp Gan Israel network first came to the FSU.


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