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Eilat Community, Israeli Dignitaries, Dedicate New Chabad Centre

After years of building, a new Chabad centre in Eilat, Israel opened Monday. Rabbi Levi Hecht, director of the new center was joined in a dedication ceremony by Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger, Minister of Religious Services Yakov Margi, and Rabbi Yosef Hecht, director of Chabad activities in Eilat.

The new, state-of-the-art facility will serve as a comprehensive community center, including a synagogue, a mikvah, a library, a lecture hall and a meeting place for youth. The building, which was sponsored by the Edmond Safra Foundation bears the name of Edmond J. Safra.

“Over one hundred people attend services on Shabbat, and we have services three times a day during the week,” Rabbi Levi Hecht told Lubavitch.com after the ceremony. “Local community members are very excited about the new centre, which will greatly enhance Jewish life in Eilat.”

The final letters of a new Torah scroll were completed by various rabbis at the ceremony, followed by a parade with the Torah through the streets of the city and a festive meal at the new Chabad centre.


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