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College-Level Courses for Jewish Teens Picks Up Pace

CTeen U, the Chabad teen program will be launching a new college-accredited course in February. The 14-week Spring course, titled “Introduction to Jewish Law,” a comprehensive overview of Jewish law, will be led by local instructors. It is offered by a joint initiative of Yeshiva University and the Chabad Teen Network. 

For its Fall course, CTeen U offered “Introduction to Jewish Philosophy,” currently in its final weeks.

High school students in the 10th through 12th grades are awarded two credits for each CTeen U course, for a total of 12 transferable elective credits over three years. These are accepted at mainstream colleges and universities throughout the United States, including highly selective schools. 

Course material prepares students for college-level study. An attractive extra-curricular interest, it gives students a significant advantage in the college admissions process. 

“Jewish high school students—regardless of affiliation, even in places without robust formal Jewish education—can explore important elements of Jewish history, culture, and law in the context of their professional educational goals,” said Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, vice chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch, the educational arm of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement.

CTeen U courses are currently offered in some 75 cities throughout the world and has seen enrollment nearly triple since last year despite the pandemic. More than five hundred students have enrolled for the upcoming session.


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