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Chanukah 2019 Story Roundup

Stories reported from Chanukah around the globe.

A 5-year-old who had a menorah installed at his park, a menorah lighting that begot a rock from Dachau, a 100-year-old army vet who lit menorah for the first time and “should I let my kid go caroling?”  These are just a few of the stories and thought pieces that made up our Chanukah content for Chanukah 2019-5770. 

Here’s an easy reference with links so you could read any you may have missed.

Seven Menorahs in North East, London: A Grateful Man Gives Back

Chabad was there for him as a child, now he’s single-handedly erecting their menorahs.

At 100, Vet Who Fought The Nazis Lights Menorah For The First Time

A birthday visit from a rabbi spurs a first for this centenarian.

A Rock From Dachau At A Massachusetts Menorah

An emissary gets a reminder: “you’re not doing this alone.”

When Kids Are The Lone Menorah

When they’re a minority in their school, how do these kids celebrate Chanukah?

A Little Boy Who Lit up His Town

A preschooler’s insistence for representation changes the holiday season for his town.

Fun Chanukah Quiz!

Talmud Teasers that relate to light, a central theme of Chanukah.

Is This Chanukah Story Too Violent For Children?

An exploration of the story of ‘Chana And Her Seven Sons.’

Should I Let My Kids Go Caroling?

A Rabbi responds to a common conundrum.

A Wink From Above

we asked readers to tell us about that uncanny experience that reminded them that sometimes, miracles happen . . . to us, here, now.


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