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Celebrating this Year: Sukkot

This week marks Sukkot, the holiday of booths (or huts).

This week marks Sukkot, the holiday of booths (or huts). The seven-day Festival of Joy comes begins tonight, October 13, at sunset, commemorating the Clouds of Glory that G-d protected the Jewish people with during their travels in the desert following their exodus from Egypt 3,331 years ago.

Two of the primary mitzvahs of Sukkot are taking meals in the outdoor makeshift huts that are topped with branches, and the taking of the lulav and etrog: these are also known as the Four Kinds, the branches of a palm, myrtle, willow and a citron, which are held together in a symbol of unity, and blessed. 

Chabad centers worldwide have built sukkahs for local and visiting Jews and offering many the opportunity to hold the Four Kinds. With traveling sukkahs now on the backs of pickup trucks, cruise ships and attached to bikes, you’re sure to find one near you! Locate your local Chabad center  here to fulfill the traditional mitzvahs.

Wishing you a happy Sukkot!


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