Friday, / December 8, 2023
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REVIEWS: Trying To Grasp the Rebbe
To one biographer, he was a world leader who shaped a worldwide movement; to his student, the Rebbe was a tzaddik, a personal link to…
Purim Thoughts: The Donkey, The Foal and The Pig
The story of Purim is a story of masking and unmasking, of turning reality on its head, in which nothing is what it seems at…
Review Essay: The Grammar of Women’s Spirituality
IN SEARCH OF THE GENDER-NEUTRAL It is now standard to include in book introductions a tedious apology for the lack of a graceful gender-neutral term…
Chabad On The Bar/Bat Mitzvah: It’s Your Jewish Birthright
In a recent editorial, Reform leader Rabbi Eric Yoffie criticizes the willingness of Chabad to allow any child a bar mitzvah. He describes the norm…
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