Wednesday, / July 24, 2024
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Yeshiva Program Helps Jewish College Kids Gain Torah-Study Skills
In many ways Michael Friedman is no different than a lot of other college students who take a short break before in late spring, after…
Republican Challenger, Joel Pollak Inspired by Jewish Values
Joel Pollak, the Republican nominee for Chicago’s 9th district, is thinking big. As a conservative candidate who once fought for a leftist agenda, he believes…
Beating Dyslexia: Michael Zarchin’s Story
In 1960, when Michael Zarchin was six years old, he had yet to learn to speak normally. He could not read, write, or understand basic…
Remembering Israel’s Fallen
Traffic came to a halt and people stood in silence honoring Israel’s fallen soldiers and victims of terror Monday morning as sirens wailed across Israel.…
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