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Alan Dershowitz Defeats BDS Proponent in Debate at Oxford

By , Oxford Union

On Sunday, November 1st, Professor Alan Dershowitz debated Australian-born human rights activist Peter Tatchell over the BDS movement against Israel. Dershowitz defeated Tatchell by 133-101.  

Not a single leader of a democracy anywhere in the world supports the BDS movement,” said Dershowitz. “If you’re going to have a BDS movement, then have it internationally based on human rights offenses and lack of democracy,” said Dershowitz. 

Dershowitz was warmly welcomed at Oxford’s Chabad Society by Rabbi Eli Brackman, director of Chabad of Oxford, and was quizzed about his early life by student President of the Oxford Chabad Society Samuel Bodansky, of St Peter’s College and Deputy President Fien Barnett-Neefs, of St Catherine’s College. 

Following the debate, Dershowitz met with students at the Oxford Chabad Society at the Slager Student Centre, where he recounted his Brooklyn Yeshiva upbringing and the inspiration he took from that to fight for civil liberties, human rights and the defense of Israel. He also discussed the important role of Chabad in his life and on campus, insisting that the best friend Israel has today on campus is Chabad.

Rabbi Eli Brackman, director of Chabad of Oxford, told that “the evening with Professor Alan Dershowitz will inspire Jewish students to be proud of their Jewish identity and stand up to the challenges facing Jewish students on campus.”


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