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Agreement Allows Kosher Poultry Slaughter in New Zealand

By , New Zealand

(lubavitch.com) New Zealand’s Jewish community won an agreement Friday with Minister of Agriculture David Carter to allow kosher slaughter of poultry. In May, Carter rejected a recommendation that shechita (kosher ritual slaughter) be exempt from the new animal welfare code that mandates stunning prior to shechita.

The agreement, which came in advance of a trial due to begin Monday is a relief for Jewish communities in New Zealand, says Rabbi Mendy Goldstein, director of Chabad in New Zealand.

“The ban on kosher would have been devastating to the Jewish community, who have a hard enough time as it is observing Jewish traditions in New Zealand. We are extremely delighted with the positive outcome,” he told Lubavitch.com.

A temporary stay on the ban was granted in early August. But Rabbi Shmuel Kopel, Chabad representative to Otago, New Zealand says that the reprieve was essentially ineffective, owing to the amount of red tape that had to be navigated before resuming shechita.

 “This is a light at the end of the tunnel for many people who weren’t able to keep kosher until now. This new development will allow us to raise awareness about kosher, and will greatly enhance our programs,” he said.

Some 20,000 Israelis visit New Zealand each year, with many joining both the Goldstein and Kopel families for Shabbat meals. For travelers who keep kosher, Kopel says Shabbat meals at Chabad can be the only decent meal they get all week. With chicken back on the menu, Chabad in New Zealand can now serve up heartier meals to Jewish travelers and local community members.


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