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A Personal Rabbi, A Personal Home

New Shluchim to the Rolling Hills of California’s Countryside

The two towns of Portola Valley and Woodside, California are peaceful, rural neighborhoods, located hip to hip, known for their rugged beauty and scenic country living. 

Although the area is resplendent in physical beauty, until this year, its spiritual vibrance lagged, lacking any Jewish infrastructure whatsoever. 

Because of the area’s sparse population of only 10,000 residents, the couple has adopted a guiding philosophy of quality over quantity. Rather than focusing on the size of the community, they are focusing on forging a small, intimate community built on quality relationships and strong support.

“When we took the initiative to move here we came with a vision to bring Judaism to every person in an individual way,” said Rabbi Brook. “We’re here to be a personal Rabbi, a personal home. Each person for us is a whole world.”

So far, despite their small-scale aspirations, the couple has found themselves in awe of the potential they’ve discovered. “When I look at this place, as a Chabad emissary,” said Rabbi Mayer, “I honestly see that everything is possible. It’s just beautiful and amazing how much can be done.” What an appropriate sentiment for such a beautiful place.

Comment 2

    Stay with the shteible mode. If you get big and “established”, that’s what a lot of Jews are fleeing.

  • Edward Solomon

    Wonderful. This is how it is done and we in the Rebbe’s support troops appreciate others like you. El Paso has a small following compared to others but the Greenberg families have continued to garner support for 35 years and we built a beautiful new Shul last year. So honored and proud to be in your following. Yasher koach.


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