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A Mezuzah for the Minister

In Richmond, Chabad Rabbi affixes mezuzah at Jewish Minister's office

He wouldn’t be the Chabad rabbi if he didn’t remember to offer the Jewish minister a mezuzah for her door.

Rabbi Yechiel and Chani Baitelman, directors of Chabad at Richmond, met with the local Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Selina Robinson, at British Columbia’s Legislature in Vancouver.

The trio discussed her portfolio and how they could work together to improve housing in Richmond. And then the rabbi offered to affix a mezuzah on the minister’s office door. The minister just wasn’t sure where she’d find one.  

Luckily, Rabbi Baitelman packed the right stuff and pulled one out of his bag. This one didn’t need a hammer. It came with an adhesive strip that made for easy installation.

And now the mezuzah on Minister Robinson’s door has become a meaningful conversation piece for her curious colleagues at the Legislature.


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