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A Bereavement Minyan Group On Whatsapp in Montreal

You're not alone

By , Canada

Some mitzvahs are all about acts of kindness. These are performed without any expectations of a “thank you.” Paying last respects is one of them. So when Rabbi Levi New of the Montreal Torah Center in suburban Hampstead, Quebec, reached out asking for help to complete a minyan [quorum of ten men] for the Kaddish to be recited at a burial site, the positive response surprised him.

One request turned into two and, before long, the Bereavement Minyan Group was created over Whatsapp. Inspired to do this in memory of his beloved uncle, Rabbi Chaim New, who was known in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia for his love of helping with this mitzvah, Levi reached out to local funeral homes informing them of the group. “They use it much more often than we anticipated.” Among the sixty or so men on this chat who act as volunteers, some are always available to complete a minyan for that solemn Kaddish.




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